The TRACK Team

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Mari Cassidy

Owner/Broker, Realtor®

Mari has been providing real estate solutions for her community and across all of South Louisiana for more than 30 years.

Profile image of Elma Cantrelle

Elma Cantrelle


Elma knows her way around the market in South Louisiana and always finds the real estate solutions her clients' are looking for.

Mary Guthrie


Mary brings a wealth of experience to the TRACK team with decades of experience helping her clients.

Robin Iguess

Agent, Realtor®

Robin is a top closer with TRACK and is great at finding that perfect home or buyer for her clients.

Ashley Lantz

Agent, Realtor®

Ashley is a long standing member of the TRACK team and is well networked across all of South Louisiana to help her clients.

Michael Williams

Technical Consultant, GISP®

Mike keeps the tech working for TRACK and its team.

Profile picture of Haylie Neal

Haylie Neal

Property Coordinator

Haylie's outgoing personality, organizational skills, and customer service make her a perfect addition to the TRACK team!